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Reverend Sandra Mayo

Reverend Sandra Mayo founded Applied Stellar Dynamics to share the understanding that the universe functions by laws which can be studied, and that the consciousness of the soul is a logical, accessible science. Reverend Mayo is a counselor and teacher of the ancient Polynesian / Hawaiian tradition of Huna, sharing the depth of knowledge in self; the wisdom teachings of I Ching to support clientele and students in accessing the divinity of the future; the mystical understanding of Tarot to open the door to the symbolic, to mirror the soul as a visible reflection of reality free of judgment; and, the science of Astrology to understand the celestial bodies in our system and in human nature that follow the laws and rhythm in life through harmony of the laws that govern the universe and the planets. Sandra educates individuals and groups on the synchronous manifestation of planets and human beings that facilitates power and purpose of the human race and the universe, utilizing the birth-map as a key to reveal the path and journey of each and every potential uniqueness in individuals, projects, and movements. Reverend Sandra Mayo is also the founder of CAA: which initiated in 1969, as an affiliate of A.F.A, American Federation of Astrologers, which was originally organized and incorporated in Washington, DC in 1938 for the purpose of promoting the science and art of astrology through research and education in order to establish a high standard of professional ethics for the legitimate astrologer and the science of astrology.

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