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Andrew Carr

Andrew Carr, integrative massotherapist and doctor of naturopathy, who specializes in massage, movement, and stretching; simultaneously incorporating herbs and tinctures. His work is hands on and interactive, which often involves manual support in stretching and strengthening areas of tension and weakness, in order to create balance and long-lasting wellness. Andrew is a leading consultant on self-care, balance, maintenance, and overall health in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. He works with select clientele, through holistic observation, sharing an important perspective that leads individuals and teams to an optimal state of health. He also continues to maintain a clinical practice for individuals where he provides advanced nutritional formulas for internal use and external application with whole foods, herbs, and medicinal oils. He also teaches workshops internationally for corporate structures and government entities on topics such as what to eat for proper nutritional health, how to alleviate stress to create a balanced life, and the importance of the thoughts we think that build emotion to positively impact the actions we take. His expertise is accessed by clientele to provide relief for a myriad of ailments including sciatic nerve pain, knee injuries, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, and much more.

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