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Odeta Bagvilaite

Odeta Bagvilaite is a licensed master esthetician and make-up artist with expertise in advanced detoxification and cleansing through oxygen/ozone saunas and baths, as well as therapeutic medical/massage cupping. Odeta takes a result-oriented and holistic approach to skin and body care. Odeta utilizes the newest technology, including skin-care products which are paraben-free, for anti-aging to support youthfullness and to address every skin care need, making each session unique and special. Her services include: a signature deep cleansing facial with the purest marine extracts for rejuvenation; gentle organic facials for acne; rosacea and anti-aging for healing; aromatherapy; hyperthermic chamber steam sauna with activate oxygen/ozone for detoxification and increased energy; ionic foot baths with hydrogen/oxygen for cleansing impurities; oxygen wands for releasing bacterial; far-infrared lamps for increased circulation and joint mobility; and, therapeutic medical/massage cupping for cleansing and contouring. Her therapies are safe and gentle, making deep moisturizing and cleansing an effective procedure for smooth, glowing and radiant skin from the inside out.

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