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Faith Green & Associates, Inc.
Faith is the Founder of Faith Green & Associates, as well as the co-Founder of ARC, A Resource Community for Women. Faith has studied communities, cultures, and their traditions, through indigenous tribes and religious philosophies around the world. Her experiences have inspired in her, a commitment to providing knowledge to those who are seeking it, by bringing community leaders and their expertise to the forefront. Her respect for all walks of life enhances her ability to recognize, create, and bring together a great collaboration of diverse experts, and drives her passion to focus on educating teams, groups, and communities. The impact that such work can have on the world is a widely increased awareness of, and access to, sharing the best lessons on the planet to improve health and well being, and even culture as a whole.

In her own practice and consulting, Faith works from an interdisciplinary approach to address the following four areas: Physical: our body's map of natural movement, posture, alignment, and presence; Spiritual: an essential connection to God or one's description of the Divine; Mythic: development through traditional stories and experiences; and Symbolic: metaphors and representation that we can draw from in our daily lives.

Faith travels extensively throughout Asia and South America working with indigenous tribes and children's organizations. Currently, her passion is working with The Children of Tibet Trust Foundation. Her private practice is based in Washington DC.

Visit Faith's Blog to read personal stories from clients, as well as notes from her studies, travels, and experiences.

Faith was recently quoted by Sharna Fabiano in the International Journal of Healing and Caring.

Faith is developing a women's organization that is currently in the pre-launch phase, and which is designed to bring knowledge from professional and health experts to woman, globally, through ARC 'A Resource Community for Women.' - All rights reserved 2007 Faith Green & Associates, Inc.